Established in 2003, Future Roots Collective is an ever-evolving group of artists, designers, creatives and community motivators that work in loose, and sometimes tight, collaborative efforts to propel the arts in avenues of education, artist development and cultural initiatives.

With a visionary perspective leading to effective partnerships of public and private sector organization that include art and non-arts entities Future Roots Collective understands the importance of working with the community.

The focus of Future Roots Collective's arts programming is within the areas of education and community building through the art by creating opportunities for communities to engage in the arts, while facilitating spaces that foster a love of learning and participation in the arts.

We are concerned with the development of new ways to bridge the connections between creativity and community engagement with the goal of encouraging livability through the arts.

We are committed to Miami because this our home and as a part of this community we are responsible for contributing to the greater good of what Miami is and can be.

The possibilities in Miami to achieve success are limitless and our rapidly changing neighborhoods, public places and social institutions reflect the desire of Miami’s communities to embrace change for the better while remembering the past. We choose live and work in this beautiful and challenging environment because we are inspired by both the people and the environment and possibilities of shaping the community that we call home.