Open Source Art: FREE Community Art Workshops

Marbling with Clay with Kira Tippenhauer – Saturdays, October 8 & 15, 1-3pm

Kira Tippenhauer will personally guide you through the art of marbling with clay and share her hand building approach in making her awesome ceramic vessels, giving you a truly unique pottery experience and the tools you’ll need to confidently make your own work afterwards.

Staircase with Carolina Cueva – Sundays, October 9 & 16, 11am-1pm

In this 2D/3D mixed-media workshop Carolina Cueva will guide participants on an experimental journey exploring painting techniques and paper surfaces utilizing paint, paper, cardboard and fabric. Participants will create a work based on shapes, texture and assemblage. The purpose of the workshop is for participants to create a physical object that serves as a reminder of our personal journeys rather than the final destinations; the completed work will become a part of the exhibition of work on view.

Aligning Your Head/Home with Hattie Mae Williams – Thursday, October 13 & 27, 7-9pm

In the workshops led by Hattie Mae Williams participants will be asked to engage in a process that looks at “place” in society, in community, and within ourselves. Story circles, group activities, discussions, and art making will help the group unpack what “home” means to each person, And ask questions: Is a deeper sense of ritual practice is part of our upbringing? What are our cultural similarities? How has institutional racism affected our beliefs about private and public places? Within these workshops, sources will be shared, bridges will be built and participants will collaborate on the completion of the installation piece facilitated by Hattie Mae Williams that is currently a part of the Open Source exhibition.

Let’s Patchwork the Wall with Aurora Molina – Saturdays, October 15 & 22, 2-5pm

This workshop led by artist Aurora Molina is an on-going interactive project that will create a long patchwork of fabric made out of waste materials, left overs, cut outs, and discarded objects creating a timeless cultural patchwork. Inspired by the Seminoles tribes that have traditionally made methodical patterns and symbols by patch-working textiles, the idea behind this workshop is to explore this traditional textile technique, which is both a highly regarded skill and a dying art form. Workshop participants will assemble a patchwork of individual stories into a collective experience representing society as a literal and figurative fabric.

What Do You Wear? with Jahaira Ríos de Gálvez – Saturday, October 15, 1-3pm

In this workshop led by Jahaira Ríos de Gálvez participants will explore the question: What are the events that shape our identity? In this workshop participants will be asked to brainstorm characteristics they would like to be associated and identified with, in order to describe themselves. These characteristics will then be turned into words or symbols and incorporated into the construction of a paper garment. Through the creation of this garment participants will explore a blueprint for their present and future identities.

What We Hold Sacred with Loni Johnson – Saturday, October 22, 3-5pm

In this workshop participants will be asked to bring in an object which they hold sacred. Participants will then be guided by artist Loni Johnson in conversation to provide a space of sharing the special connection of their selected object with fellow workshop participants. This workshop will consist of an exchange of stories and experiences with the goal of creating dialogue. As both personal and societal ideas of value are explored, participants will be encouraged to create or contribute to an installation combines objects presented during the workshop and becomes a part of Loni Johnson’s current work on view in Open Source Art.